Colwyn Bay Pier, closed in 2008, is now facing demolition as the Council discuss its fate. The building has been found unstable and a danger to the public, it has been estimated that it will cost £27 million to restore the pier to its former glory and get the building back into business.

Mr Steve Hunt, the former owner still had plans to renovate the Victoria Pier however the Council have denied all of his pleas for assistance in running the project and he has eventually been pushed into handing the pier over to the Conwy Council who have done little with it since due to the cost.

There have been discussions in turning the pier into a pizza place which would allow the pier to raise money for its future. However the pizza place would lead to the pier being shortened and the scrap material sold.

Mr Hankey, the man behind this plan, responded with this when asked about his plan, “Why would

it cost one or two-million to demolish it, when there are scrap specialists who would do it for nothing? And make the money out of up to one-million pounds of Victorian scrap metal, and seasoned timber – not to mention the artefacts, such as the balustrades which are worth at least £200 each. And there are hundreds.”

We have asked a few member of the public living in the surrounding area what they think of these brave development ideas and have had varied responses; “I wouldn’t go if they turned it onto a pizza place because it would pollute the area” says Lucy when asked for her opinion on the matter, however Lois states “it would be better for tourism than it is now.”

The pier has been labelled an ‘eyesore’ by many members of the public and Council however another £15 million must be found to remove the building and rub the listing from it.

Ronnie Hughes, the council’s deputy leader said: “Nobody is saying where the extra money is coming from. Sometimes it’s better to pull out and not to mislead people”

The Council considered renovating this building however dismissed it and instead decided to push their money into the new water sports building further along the promenade, Zoe says that “The old pier is just ugly compared to the new stuff”, however the pretty new building isn’t going to remove the derelict pier from the sea front.


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