Internet granny

Grandma Betty is an 80-year-old internet sensation with over 424,000 followers on Instagram, including singer Pharrel Williams. She gets her 18-year-old son to post the daily videos that she does online.

Unfortunately Grandma Betty was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2013 and is now said to be a ‘Cancer Fighter’. Even though Grandma Betty is 80, her positive personality is seen in her videos where we see her dance in an entertaining way. Her positive attitude is further illustrated when she commented, ‘She will not be going anywhere for a while yet”.

Followers of Grandma Betty call her their grandma and will always remember her when she dies. When she was told how many followers she had, she replied, “That’s a lot isn’t it, A lot that love me.”

Sport Relief

Sport Relief has raised over 53.2 million pounds by celebrities doing physical challenges, the public participating in runs, walks or dances, The public donating while watching sportspeople something comical.

This year Robbie Savage and Alan Shearer sat on every seat in Wembley, Nick Grimshaw cycled for 12 hours non-stop, Jo Wiley ran on a treadmill for 26 hours; Alex Jones climbed Moonlight Buttress (a 1200 ft. rock face) and Davina McCall did a triathlon from Edinburgh to London in 7 days.

All these celebrities deserve the nations respect and gratitude because they have worked extremely hard and faced their fears. Additionally they have influenced people’s lives in an extremely well.

‘Burger King Baby’ Gets a Whopper Surprise

A woman was abandoned in a burger king bathroom in Allentown, Pennsylvania 27 years ago and she has just located her birth mother after a social media blitz, local media reported on Wednesday.

Just hours after she was born Katheryn Deprill was left in a Burger King bathroom, but on Monday she was reunited with her birth mother in a lawyer’s office. Immediately after, she was interviewed by WFMZ television about the miraculous surprise when she found her mother.

Katheryn’s mother took her baby over to the Burger King because it was crowded and she knew her new-born, Katheryn, would be found quickly. “She left me somewhere she knew I’d be found,” said Katheryn Deprill. “She didn’t just want to throw me away.”

Katheryn, a mother of three who now works as an emergency technician had released a campaign on Facebook to find her mother on March 2nd. She also posted a photo of herself holding a sign that was handwritten with a description about her birth and it said, “Looking for my birth mother, please help me by sharing this post, maybe she might see it.” She received over 32,000 shares.

Kim Jong-un Haircut Law!

Kim Jong-un: the Leader of North Korea has passed a new law stating any male participant at University of Pyongyang has to have the same hair cut as their leader: Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un lives in the City of Pyongyang (where from two weeks ago a law has been passed, stating any male University participant in Pyongyang has to have the same hair cut as their leader).

Radio Free Asia has said: “Our leader’s haircut is very particular, if you will. It doesn’t always go with everyone since everyone has different face and head shapes”.

Meanwhile, a North Korean living in China says the haircut is actually unpopular in his home country because people think it resembles Chinese smugglers and until the mid-2000 it was called the ‘Chinese smuggler haircut’.

Pet cats infect two people with TB

In 2013 there were 9 cases of mycobacterium bovis infection found carried on cats in Berkshire and Hampshire, which are believed to be connected with the two people who are being treated with tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis or TB is an infectious disease caused by a germ that normally affects the lungs. The common symptoms of tuberculosis include fever and night sweats, persistent coughing, losing weight and blood in your phlegm or spit.

M. bovis, the case of TB found on the cats, is treatable and is found within fewer than forty people in the UK. Overall, TB caused by M. bovis accounts for less than 1% of the 9,000 TB cases diagnosed in the UK every year.

Two humans were affected by the infectious disease carried by the cats, humans can become hosts of TB if the germ enters the system by the humans breathing in or ingesting bacteria shed by the animal or through contamination of wounds while handling infected animals.

Out of the 9 cats that were infected by the disease only 3 are living but they are still undergoing intensive treatment.

Prof Noel Smith, head of the bovine TB genotyping group at the AHVLA said “The most likely source of infection is infected wildlife, but cat-to-cat transmission cannot be ruled out.”

Rio’s waters too polluted for Olympics

Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro is a practicing place for Olympic swimming and rowing club but is way too polluted and full of scrap. Guanabara Bay holds everything from TVs, dead animals to floating beds.

“I was ill just before Christmas. It could have been from when we capsized, or from something I ate,” says British sailor Alain Sign. The area is heavily polluted and sailors here have to add evading obstacles, as running into something big can mean real damage to the boats.

The government needed time to plan the actions and is investing $1billion (£608m) in sanitation projects.

The beach reflects the deep blue sky, but up close breaks into brown waves laden with plastic bags, leaving bits and pieces of rubbish on the sand.

Thirty months from the games, the goal of treating 80% of its sewage now seems extremely optimistic. The promise to clean up the notoriously filthy Guanabara Bay was part of Rio’s Olympic bid.


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