Malaysia airline

On the 8th of March the Malaysian Aircraft MH370 disappeared from the radar.

The flight was going from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The plane left its flight path, and is presumed to have landed in the Indian Ocean. On the French satellites there has been 122 objects found, however on the Thai satellites there has been a number of 300 objects found. The images taken on the 23rd of March have shown objects; up to 23metres (75ft) in length.

The plane was carrying 239 people, including 153 Chinese Nationals. Protests from the families of the passengers from the flight MH370; has led to protests outside the Malaysian Embassy, in Beijing. The protest has occurred due to frustration over little information on the matter.

It has been a dramatic time for the Chinese families who have lost loved ones but on the other hand it has been a frustrating time for the families having little information on what has been happening.


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