Music enthusiasts, Inside Horizon featuring Max Jenks Gilbert (guitar) and Nathan Dones-Flint (lead singer) are a young, talented upcoming duo from North Wales. First discovered two years ago, the young dyad have gone from composing thirty second melodies in the classroom to formulating an album, along with two singles, and becoming real iTunes sensations.

Blending rich, warm vocals with smooth acoustic blues, Inside Horizon render a soft, soulful and outgoing style. Similarly to that of Stevie Wonder, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran, Inside Horizon provide that easy listening manner of music that nobody can really say no to.

Following their hit single ‘Paper Heart’, the development of their album ‘Black and white sunlight’ has been a real triumph. Interviewing Nathan, he told us ‘the album’s going well, sales are up and we couldn’t ask for anything more, we’re just so grateful for all the help and support everyone has given us over the last two years.’


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