Paris was nearly as polluted as Beijing, the world’s most polluted city.

On Friday pollution levels reached 180, more than the double safe limit of 80.In the capital city of Paris on Monday only motorists with odd-numbered number plates were allowed to drive. Those with even number plates will be able to drive on Tuesday after the success of Monday led to a fall in pollution.

The environment ministry said lower traffic levels during Monday caused a change in weather conditions and significantly improved the smog which has descended on Paris over the past week.The smoggy conditions have been caused by a combination of cold nights and warm days, which have prevented pollution from dispersing.

Plenty of people seem to have decided to chance it. Either they reckoned their journey was too important to cancel, or the risk of a 22-euro (£18) fine was not enough to concern them.

There were exceptions for taxis, commercial electric and hybrid vehicles and for cars carrying three or more passengers.

Police were reported to have given tickets to nearly 4,000 people by midday on Monday, and 27 drivers had their cars impounded for refusing to co-operate with officers.Delivery companies are already complaining of lost income.

Public transport was free for three days to encourage people to leave there cars at home.  Although it is showing benefit to the environment, some companies are losing business and it has been a inconvenience for some people.


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