Manchester City beat Manchester United 3-0 at Old Trafford on Tuesday 25th of March in the Barclays Premier League. Edin Dzeko started City off in the 43rd second as Nasri hit the post and it fell to Dzeko to poke home. City’s right back, Pablo Zabaleta then complained that Danny Welbeck and Marouane Fellaini should have been sent off for ‘wreckless’ and ‘blatant’ tackles.

City let United back into it a bit but half time came for City.11 minutes into the 2nd half Nasri whipped in a corner only for the man himself Edin Dzeko to finesse into the corner of the goal for a comfortable lead. Fellaini then drove a right footed thunder bolt only for it to be right into the hands of Joe Hart. City were now passing the ball around the Red Devils, by now City had been injecting so much pace into the game so United were fatigued.

City had one more attack in them as James Milner paced down the right hand side and played in Yaya Toure. He hit a placed shot to the bottom corner and that was the last play.

City manager Manuel Pellegrini says that it was psychologically important for his team to win. David Moyes United manager said ‘that United have to aspire to city’s level now’. After the game United fans booed at Sir Alex Ferguson because he is the one who recommended David  Moyes to be put in charge of United.

In conclusion chief football writer for the BBC, Phil Mcnulty says United were a mess and led  by a manager that is struggling horribly.


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