Our solar system is vast and unknown but a newly discovered dwarf planet called 2012 VP113, far beyond Pluto, has brought us even closer to the final frontier.

Past Pluto there lies an unusual region, sometimes referred to as a wasteland of the solar system, called the inner Oort Cloud. In 2003 a dwarf planet named Sedna was discovered there. During this time the popular belief was that this was a lone outer planet. The recent discovery of 2012 VP113 has created a fresh view for scientists and space enthusiasts alike.

Little is known about this planet as it is 83 times the distance between our own planet and the sun. Scientists are almost certain that it is an icy planet because it is so far from the sun. It is believed to be a reddish colour. It is said to be about 280 miles in diameter.

2012 VP113 has a strange orbit because the closest it comes to the sun during orbit is still much further away from the rest of the solar system.

Astronomers have now begun to realize that there could be thousands of undiscovered objects beyond the previously thought edge of our solar system. One of these objects may well be a large planet, even bigger than Earth, pulling smaller objects, like 2012 VP11, into strange orbits.

Further discoveries are hoped to be made about this new planet, and beyond.



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