George int 2 

On Wednesday morning Mrs Sawyer, (one of our teachers) came and asked Morgan and I to interview a famous person on Skype. We didn’t know who it was going to be but when we found out that it was George North we were extremely excited and privileged.

George North is a 21 year old rugby play. He was born in Kings Lynn, England but grew up in Anglesey, Wales and speaks fluent Welsh. That is why he is classified as being Welsh and is allowed to play for the Welsh squad.

As we were interviewing a professional international rugby player, we had to plan by finding plenty of interesting information about him and generate questions from the facts that we found.

At 10:00am we went down to Eirias High School in our school minibus, and when we arrived we followed Mr Edwards the English teacher up some stairs and arrived in the English classroom, but the lesson was still on so we sat down at the back of the class and, at the end of the lesson a few sixth formers stayed behind to watch.

During the Skype interview we found out George North trains for a whopping seven hours from 8am-3pm, but that only happens on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. He has a game on either Saturday or Sunday. We also found out that although it might sound weird, it was his brother who inspired him to start rugby after he came back from a training session raving on about how good it was. We asked him what he did in his spare time and he replied, ‘I usually chill but today I’m doing manly stuff like playing on the PlayStation.’

By Theo (Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn)


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